Frequently asked questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions about the Explorer and feedback and commentary on it from the Clean Energy Regulator, the carbon industry and the media.

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Questions about the development and content of the Explorer

How is the Explorer being developed?

I want more information about a particular project. Where should I go?

Why has the Explorer been developed?

Why does the Explorer only cover human-induced regeneration (HIR) projects?

What are human-induced regeneration (HIR) projects supposed to do?

What is a human-induced regeneration (HIR) project area?

What is a carbon estimation area (CEA)?

What are the main integrity problems with human-induced regeneration (HIR) projects?

What criteria are used to assess the integrity of the human-induced regeneration (HIR) projects?

Why is the analysis for some projects based on their carbon estimation areas (CEAs) while, in others, it is based on the entire project area?

How is the percentage mapped as previously comprehensively cleared calculated?

How is tree cover change calculated?

How is the tree cover trend versus surrounding area calculated?

How is the indicative integrity risk calculated?

Why does the analysis for the project I'm looking at say 'not enough information'?

The Chubb review found that Australia’s carbon credits scheme is largely sound. Why does the Explorer suggest that so many projects are high risk?

The results for my project are not what I expected them to be. Who can I contact?

Questions in response to Regulator, carbon industry and media feedback and commentary

The Regulator and the carbon industry are saying that the satellite imagery the Explorer uses is not sufficient to pass judgement on the effectiveness of HIR projects. What is your response to this?

The Chubb review found the scientific basis for the human-induced regeneration (HIR) method is valid but Australia’s leading rangeland ecologists are arguing this is not the case. How did this happen and why isn’t their expertise reflected in the Chubb review's findings?

Why don't grazed trees and shrubs indicate that reducing grazing pressure will lead to forest regeneration?

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